The expert Waldemar H. de Boer offers two insightful, short art history courses in the center of Florence

- Renaissance Art in Florence (2 days)
- Medici Villas and Gardens (2 days)

These courses include visits to monuments and museums such as the Uffizi Gallery, Pitti Palace, the Medici chapels and the churches of Santa Maria Novella and San Lorenzo. The courses are focused on the highlights of Renaissance art, but have more to offer: you will also be served high quality Italian coffee and gastronomic specialities in between the lessons.


Waldemar is specialized in Italian, Dutch and Flemish Renaissance and Baroque paintings and can be contacted for expertises. He can help you with the identification of the authors of your paintings and can also conduct provenance research on your artworks.
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Waldemar's new book, the Memorial of Many Paintings and Statues in the Illustrious City of Florence by Francesco Albertini (1510), is now available (visit the online bookshop).

Published six years after the installation of Michelangelo's David at Piazza della Signoria, Albertini's booklet is the earliest systematic description of the city's artistic treasures and can be considered the prototype for all successive guidebooks to Florence. The present annotated and fully illustrated edition of the Memorial enables the reader to become familiar with the extraordinary wealth of masterpieces Florence could boast in 1510, many of which have long since been dispersed.

The publication is also available in Italian.

All students of Waldemar will receive a free copy of this book.